A Little Bit About the Program

The Sioux Lookout Master Angler Program is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of a single angler, who in the given year participated in the Master Angler Release Awards Program, entering as many releases possible in each species division. Congratulations sportsmen and sportswomen! We all have a responsibility to our natural resources. Your participation in the Master Angler Release Awards Program since our inception in 1994 takes that responsibility to the next level – illustrating your understanding of the importance and expressing your true dedication to preserving the endless angling opportunities that our great Canadian wilderness has to offer!

We are a non-profit, conservation based Catch and Live Release Program, operated by a group of volunteers. As members of various Fisheries Advisory Committees, our goal is to ensure that the Sioux Lookout District continues to provide excellent angling experiences in both quality and quantity for years to come while sustaining our fish resources. We are proud to have the support of area businesses, the Sioux Lookout Hudson Tourism Association and the local Ministry of Natural Resources who have provided funding and support to ensure that this program remains successful. Visitors to the Sioux Lookout area – whether it is from neighbouring communities or from our friends south of the border, you come to experience the amazing angling opportunities that will provide memories to last a lifetime!

Program Rules…

Any angler who catches and releases a fish of qualifying length in the Sioux Lookout District can register the fish. Non-residents must be staying or residing at a Sioux Lookout establishment. You can register your catch at the Sioux Lookout Travel Information Centre or any participating business or lodge. You can also download the 2024 Master Angler Registration Form here. Then print it, fill it out and mail it to the address at the bottom of this page together with your cheque or money order for $7.00. Upon registration, you will receive a Crest Award and at the end of the program year, your name will be listed on our website. Please also send us pictures of your qualifying catch and we will add them to our gallery. Qualifying fish must be submitted individually on an official entry form by the end of the program year. The program runs from November 1st until October 31st of the following year.

Program Update for 2023/2024…

In order to preserve the integrity of the program, we have instituted new measurements for photo requirements. The new photo requirements are for the following fish lengths:

Walleye 30 inches+
Northern Pike 44 inches+
Smallmouth Bass 21 inches+
Lake Trout 34 inches+
Muskie 54 inches+

You may have noticed that our world has been flipped upside down in the past couple of years. While there has never been more people taking advantage of fishing opportunities around the world, this has not translated into more business for local fishing tourism operators. And, since we are funded primarily by the advertising dollars paid for by local camps and operators we have not had the funds to produce our regular Master Angler Report for the last 3 years. We did not think it would be fair to ask for operators to pay for advertising when many were unable to even open their doors last season. Until we are able to secure funding, we are unable to produce the printed Master Angler Report or the certificates like in the past. We hope to secure funding again in the future so that we can resurrect the printed report. In the meantime, we will continue to provide Master Angler crests to all qualifying entries. We appreciate your understanding at this time and we do hope you continue to partake in the program moving forward.

Best of luck this upcoming season! Remember to eat the smaller, tasty fish and practice CPR on the trophies! Catch, photo, release!

Don’t forget to email us your photos !!!

Here’s to great fishing in 2024!